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Health Quest
2018-10-12 22:17:11

Contract Briefing Template

From a Business Standardization perspective, the Contract Briefing Template is a wonderful tool. If I were to spearhead all of the contracting in my organization, I would feel confident in having members of my team review contracts knowing they were following this particular protocol which is also a perfect jump off point for crafting a renewed agreement. I truly believe I will put this template to good use when I am called to review a contract with a potential vendor.
 •  Capgemini  •   2018-11-09 17:31:51
Fully agree with you. We also follow a standard contract briefing template and prepare contract summaries for the delivery and business teams. They dont have to go through the legal T&Cs and get a contract briefing in a simple and plain language.
 •  BT GBS  •   2019-05-09 09:44:47
The contract briefing template is essential as a summary, but what is disappoint even on the ICCM view is the lack of visualisation employed. The briefing needs to be more relevant into the operational delivery teams and focussed on the delivery clauses and conditions. Whilst senior stakeholders need the exec summary position there is room to improve what IACCM show as a template.
 •  Maxis Broadband Sdn Bhd  •   2019-08-24 15:33:38
I agree with Mark Rilet. The module has been encouraging the use of visualisation. So it would have been more befitting if the briefing template were introduced in a visualisation manner. As we know, a majority of the audience requiring the contract briefing would most probably be those who will not have time to read the contract and would prefer less "wordy" presentations.
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