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Health Quest
2018-10-12 22:22:25

Applying Visual Enhancements to Contracting

I am thrilled to learn that there are organizations that are implementing this more user friendly and effective method of contracting. I have been seeing Statements of Work designed in this matter, however I have yet to see this implemented in the body of the underlying or master agreement. I am hopeful that this will become more of practice in the near future. To easily identify the key areas of an agreement is extremely important and I do believe that outcomes would be better and disputes minimized. I only wish my organization would adopt this more engaging approach toward contracting. It is always a struggle when the legal team is both judge and jury in contract content and design. It would be one thing if we were contracting solely with lawyers, but we are not. Vendors, clinicians and laymen should all be afforded every opportunity to thoroughly understand their obligations and protections and should not have to blindly sign on the line.
 •  Pembina Pipeline Corporation  •   2018-10-22 21:35:24
Hi Janine,

You should contact Rob Waller, he did some great work for us in this vein as well as simplifying complex contract legal language for use in Term Contracts or MSA's.

 •  Health Quest  •   2018-11-05 19:34:27
Thank you, Gary, will do! I did check out the link you provided and definitely liked what I saw. It is exciting to know that there are folks out there who believe in revamping and freshening up the way we do business on paper.
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