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Ontario Power Generation
2018-10-16 16:37:27

Key Performance Indicators for contract/commercial management group

Would appreciate if any one can share how you measure the success of your company's contract management program/process and/or your commercial management group.
 •  Capgemini  •   2018-11-09 17:29:22
We generally maintain a "benefits tracker". This tracker is maintained on a real time basis for all the tangible benefits delivered by the contract management team. This could be complex negotiation, CCNs, renewals, commercial support etc. This gets validated by business leaders. At the end of the year, we say $xxx value delivered to business by the contract management team.
 •  Galaxy Entertainment Group  •   2019-01-19 08:15:00
Usually split into few areas: risk management and compliance, performance of vendors and cost management and savings
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