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2019-01-08 17:17:38

Volunteer Opportunities

I am currently working on the CCM certification and seeking to transition into the field for a career. Would anyone happen to know of any volunteer opportunities in the northeast U.S. area (PA/NJ/NY) to recommend getting my feet wet, so to speak?
 •  CitizenSteward International LLC  •   2019-01-11 03:35:11
What is your current career field? Is it any way related to contract/commercial management? Also, are you more interested in working for a private-sector company in commercial contracts, or in the public-sector with government contracts?
 •   2019-01-15 01:54:55
My current career field is in banking/financial services as a compliance professional. The only thing I currently do that is remotely related to contract management is review statement of works. It interested me the most and lead me to the decision to pursue contract management as a new career, which is why I am working on the certification. I just need some actual experience. I am open to the idea of being in private or public sector. Any suggestions for volunteer opportunities are welcome.
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