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2019-01-16 19:36:14

Contracts Dept or Team Branding Project


Our contracts department has been tasked with a team branding project. At a basic level, this entails identifying who we are as an organization, what we do, the value we bring and thereafter communicating and advertising this message throughout the company. This type of marketing endeavor is truly out of my wheelhouse, so I'm in search for ideas and guidance on how to move this project forward.

Has any member dealt with this type of project? Can you share your experiences and how you went about doing this?

I searched within the IACCM site on this topic and came up with a few materials that were marginally helpful. However, I was wondering if anyone knows of some material on this site that I may have overlooked or if there is someone from IACCM that may know something about this topic.

Many many thanks in advance.
 •  Omaha Public Power District  •   2019-01-18 18:10:28
Hi. This is an exciting endeavor in organizational design and development ... congratulations. Below are my recommendations, perhaps just to get you started:

1) Identify [or refer] to your Enterprise-wide strategic directives or initiatives (typically, for the next 3-5 years or sometimes longer). Also, identify what is your organization's (1) mission or vision statement and (2) core values. You may also want to look at your annual report to get some sense of your leadership's plan for the next year or so.
2)Once you have 'identified who [you] are as an organization ....' I would then look at the business unit's [that is, your contracts department] very own value proposition that aligns with the organization's vision/mission statement, values, etc. If you do not have this 'cultural' framework in place then I would simply [again] align the contract department's short-term, performance goals (for the year or the next couple of years) with that of your organization's business/strategic goals. (check out www.shrm.org)
3) Remember also that your contract department's short-term, performance goals must be measurable (apply KPI's) and should result in meeting or ultimately contributing to the overall business.
4) You may want to take a deeper dive into your contract department's (i) processes/tools; (ii) systems (technology); (iii) job roles; (iv) critical behaviors/mindset; performance review (skills) -- and assess their impact on or degree of relevance in reaching your contract department's performance goals. (check out IACCM's resource library page)
5) Next, I would look at the purpose of the need for a marketing strategy with emphasis on employee-branding. Ask questions like (i) why the need for this strategy; (ii) why now; and (iii) what are the risks of not changing or implementing this strategy. For example, you want to increase your collaboration with the other business units and enhance Customer Experience (which is typically a strategic directive coming from the top management)
6) Then, I would look at developing a communications plan - identify resources within your company that would be able to support your marketing or 'employee-branding' branding initiative. I focus on employee-branding first because any organization change starts at the employee level. I am applying Prosci's tenet - that is, 'organizations don't change; employees do.' (see also www.prosci.com)
7) When developing a communication plan intended for an enterprise-wide audience, focus on the right audience; with the right message; at the right time; with the right channel; and by the right sender.

Lastly, when looking for benchmark data, I would take into consideration any company-wide survey results (whether aimed at Engagement, Cultural competency, Rewards, Best places to work, etc.) They are valuable indicators on your organization/contract department's current state and what the future state should look like - that challenge is to bridging the gap or managing the transition phase.

I hope this is of help.

Best of luck,
 •  AusNet Services  •   2019-01-18 21:29:10
Hi I would agree with all that Rose has said and would add, consider you stakeholders needs right now. You may already have a relationship with your stakeholders or your sourcing and/or contract team would have. What do they need? Are they look for innovation in their suppliers? Let them know if you are doing this. Let them know if you are doing social procurement, if that is what they care about. Try not to lead with cost savings that is usually one of the things that are important to your stakeholders but not the key. Are you helping resolve some key problems eg Relationship issues with your supplier, Reliance risk? Key items on my stakeholders agendas are supplier reliance, key man risk with suppliers, innovation project with external vendors.
 •  BT  •   2019-01-22 14:26:27
Hi , You are firstly on the right tract on confirming what your identity is , ( importantly internally and externally ) and what your objective of your branding will be.

The objectives and stakeholder types you want to engage / market yourself to will help you formalise the "storyboard" and messages you want to communicate / transmit.

Inclusive of this you should adopt a variant of human centred design in understanding what your stakeholders want from you and importantly survey the voice of the customer of how they current perceive you.

Once you have this you can then look to design a team brand which not only looks to brand what you want to communicate and advertise but also make it tuned in to what your stakeholders are looking for based upon a gap analysis of where you are currently in branding and where you want to get to.

Good luck on your endeavours, am sure you will make it a success


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