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2019-01-23 05:59:57

Blockchain Smart Contracts

I came across aeternity which is a blockchain based contracting platform (www.aeternity.com/). It proposes that a contract is deemed complete and payments released when certain conditions are met and signaled by partners to the blockchain. Is this just vapourware or is anybody using this or similar models?
 •  Omaha Public Power District  •   2019-01-23 17:59:44
I think blockchain will have a major impact in the future of and will transform the legal industry. And I try to stay informed ('try' is the magic word) -- check out this link as well: www.legaler.com/
 •  CommonAccord.org  •   2019-01-24 21:43:16
Blockchain approaches are really bleeding edge at this point, and only for the very best informed. We recently did a workshop at MIT on AI, Blockchains and the Future of Law. Happy to make introductions if you are seriously considering this. But in the meantime- suggest you might look at the work we are doing with the IACCM on contract standards that are compatible with a blockchain approach - or not. github.com/IACCM and a "Wise Contracts" paper with Helena Haapio - papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm.
 •  CommonAccord.org  •   2019-01-24 21:44:52
Also - the AccordProject.org is very active in this field and in the IACCM.
 •  Trakti  •   2019-02-08 09:15:38
Hi Andrew, aeternity is a blockchain implementation with some limited contracting features. Basically the ecosystems support smart contracts on their blockchain but with many limitations in terms of compliance. Our approach is a bit different, we offer an end to end contract management system in the blockchain supporting eprocurement and supply chains. Have a look here www.trakti.com and let me know if you want to know more. PS we are production ready ;-)
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