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Occidental Petroleum Corporation
2019-02-12 17:17:02

Cloud Contracting

I am interested in perspectives on various issues and contracting approaches for the use of cloud services, particularly from niche providers who may, in-turn, actually have their applications hosted on a third-party provider like Microsoft, Amazon, Rackspace, etc. I'm looking for perspectives on the entire gambit of issues, including - protection measures used for data at-rest and in-transit; protection of video and images; right of return of all data upon request of customer; obligations of the supplier to delete data when no longer needed (either during the course of performing the services or upon termination of the services and return of the data to the customer); background checks on employees who may have access to the data; monitoring of access by all supplier personnel; business terms like fluctuations in the use of the service (bandwidth, storage space, processing capabilities); right to move the data to different locations in the same country; right to move data to a different country for processing and/or storage; obligations to notify in the case of suspected or actual breach/compromise of data.
 •  AusNet Services  •   2019-02-28 18:18:23
Hi Mark, Happy to discuss. Send me an email via marie.cullen@medibank.com.au and I can talk about the principles I use.

In my view I don't believe, as a community, we have fully bottomed out all the risks associated with these types of engagement.

 •  Nokia Solutions and Networks Australia Limited  •   2019-06-04 05:22:18
Hi Mark
For a very good, concise review of the principles and issues of cloud agreements generally, covering most of your points above (my view anyway), you might also check out David W. Tollen's book "The Tech Contracts Handbook" online or via this website:


I did buy his book, and think highly of it. Notably good balance between concept and practical drafting approaches, not just for cloud matters either.

NB: Personal opinion only, not necessarily that of my employer.

kind regards
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