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Ibadan Urban Flood Management Project
2019-03-08 09:12:20

Precedence of Contract documents

Can anyone confirm if the order of precedence stated below is correct

Letter of Acceptance
Particular condition of Contract
General Condition of Contract
Priced Bill of quantities
Other relevant documents or reference material forming part of the contract
 •  Kaman Precision Products  •   2019-03-21 23:56:16
It would depend on the order of precedence called out in the contract. Depending on what the contractual terms are the order could vary. Without more information I would hesitate to provide a conclusive answer to the question. If you could provide a it more detail it would be greatly appreciated.
 •  Airbus Defence and Space GmbH  •   2019-03-23 16:22:42
The logic would tell me to start with the particulars and then the general conditions of a Contract :-) usually I try to avoid putting the tender and it's acceptance into the contract as the contract should reflect this accosringvto parties agreement as well ! For me the contract should be the ultimate and final agreement between the Parties! Hope that helps!
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