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Embraer S/A
2019-03-11 15:02:14

Government vs Private Contracting - Training

I am a commercial pilot with a Bachelors Degree in Aviation that decided not to fly, but rather work on the business/office side of aviation. Therefore, I tend to think like a pilot. In flying, when something changes, such as an avionics suite, you attend a "differences" training course. I bring this up because I am having a difficult time finding training that would meet my needs. I currently negotiate the sale of multi-million dollar executive jets and spend a majority of my time in the private sector. That said, a few times per year I am faced with responding to a government related RFP (be it in the USA or other nation). I am very comfortable dealing with corporations, high net worth individuals, etc, however I recognize that I lack experience when it comes to government contracting. Can anyone recommend a course, online or otherwise, that could help me further understand government related contracting? I've found courses/classes on Google, however it is hard to tell what would be valuable and what would be a waste of time & money. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Thank you,

 •  Kaman Precision Products  •   2019-03-12 23:27:02

There are a few places to go to get (at least US based) government contracts training. Check out NCMAHQ or FedPubSeminars. Be advised both options do have cost involved. I know there are Universities as well (such as Villanova) that provide Government contracts training (again FAR/DFARS based). Hope this helps and don't hesitate to reach out.

 •  CitizenSteward International LLC  •   2019-03-26 14:27:13
Hello Jon,

What type of program are interested in (e.g. short training, certification, degree)? And, are you interested in a particular market (e.g. US, EU, etc.) or broader training on government procurement practices in particular?

If you provide a little more information, I can point you in the right direction.

We could also set up a call and discuss if you'd like. Just shoot me a direct message if you're interested.


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