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Novo Nordisk
2019-03-29 09:26:07

Graphics changes in negotiated templates

Have you tried using simplification techniques (text and visuals) in templates that may be changed during negotiation? I successfully launched a simplified confidentiality agreement with better layout and a timeline graphic, but found that logistically it is difficult to change graphics in a template if the terms change. I now want to apply the same techniques to a more complex template that will be negotiated more. Any thoughts out there?
 •  Passera Design  •   2019-04-02 06:11:49
Hi Gina,

my suggestion would be to have editable "visual templates" (e.g. in PowerPoint) in use already during negotiation. Depending on the topic, they could be owned by business or legal negotiators. You can use these in presentations and outside of contract documents to facilitate reaching the meeting of the minds about key topics for your relationship/transaction, and modify them collaboratively with the client. At the end, you just add the static version of the diagram (exported e.g. as jpg or png) to the contract, like a snapshop documenting what was agreed together.

In order to minimize effort, create negotiable visualizations only for topics that are crucial and would actually benefit from increased clarity and shared understanding.

If you want an example of such a use case, you may want to have a look at this article that appeared on JSCAN (it is part of your IACCM Membership): journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/2055563616669739

Let me know if this helps, and feel free to reach out again!

 •  Passera Design  •   2019-04-02 06:35:21
Hi again,
just wondering if you would be willing and able to submit your example on the IACCM Contract Design Pattern Library (even in a partial/edited/anonymized form if you so wish). We have a section on timelines, and your example would be in good company: contract-design.iaccm.com/timeline

Submissions can be made here: contract-design.iaccm.com/contribute

I am available for any question regarding the submission and publishing process. :)
 •  Novo Nordisk  •   2019-04-02 08:50:04
Thanks Stefania, very practical suggestion! I found the article and look forward to reading it.
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