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2019-05-02 18:43:19

How does your company assign contracts for review?

I am trying to gather information as to how other companies assign contract reviews to their legal/contract teams? Do you assign sequentially? Do you have one person assigning reviews to a group? If so, how do you make the distinction as to who should get what to review? Are the other factors involved in assigning?(e.g. tenure/experience; type of contract; length of contract) How do you keep "balance" amongst the work load?
 •  Fire and Emergency NZ  •   2019-05-04 00:42:04
Hi Mary Jo - great question. We've tried to take a lot out of the workload by investing up front in standard templates as much as possible. If you're only then putting in place objectives and milestones and special conditions to deal with unique risks whilst keeping the rest as identical as possible, we found that we've saved a lot of time and effort out of the process. Our former solicitors / lawyers were a little bit upset though !

Where possible, we've also tried to align legal manager to a procurement category. That helps balance things out but that way, they also see that there are themes or risk that might resonate within that area or require a new standard contract term.

Hope this helps
 •  Insight  •   2019-05-06 20:29:43
Hi Darren, Thank you for your response. Can you clarify what you mean by "we've also tried to align legal manager to a procurement category"? Would a procurement category be a business segment?
 •  Fire and Emergency NZ  •   2019-05-07 08:29:11
Hi Mary Jo - sure. Business segment, category or team - by whatever name, we're talking the same.

Hope that this helped, and would love to hear any comments as to how others have done this as well ! b
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