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Neptune Marine Service Ltd
2019-06-12 01:41:51

Modern Slavery Act- Australia

Hi All,

As the first cycle of Modern Slavery Act reporting for Australian companies is coming soon. Although this is only valid for the companies total revenue of at least $100 Million per annum. Anyone started the preparation or started to learn about the process?

Gaurav Seth
 •   2019-06-12 13:43:00

Yes many organisations are moving beyond mere compliance statements to real actions on the ground. Have a look at the website of QANTAS, ANZ Bank, and Marks & Spencer in UK as examples. I can share more on this topic at our Perth Member Meeting, including what the Mekong Club, STOP THE TRAFFIK, and the Bali Government Forum are also doing. In your part of the world of Western Australia, also check out what Twiggy Forrest is doing.

Thanks for the question and we will hear what others have to say. See you next Tuesday.

Bruce R. Everett, Regional CEO Asia Pacific IACCM
+61 407 535 835 www.iaccm.com
 •  Fire and Emergency NZ  •   2019-06-13 09:43:37
Hi Gaurav - good question to get the discussion going.

Will be exciting to see what others are doing. I found this overview from Lexology really useful to think about those issues :

It also took me to the link on those who are meant to help prepare guidance (but not much there yet) :

Will be looking up the examples that Bruce has outlined in his post as well to see how some of the bigger companies ahead of the game are looking at it.

Things like these, whilst they can be lots of compliance, can be a good opportunity for procurement teams around the country to look at portfolios and make some early assessments of those contracts at risk !
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