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PRS for Music
2019-06-13 09:28:40

Customer survey

Hi, my colleagues and I are putting together a survey for our stakeholders and suppliers. the Objective is to gauge the standard of service and engagement and identify any areas for improvement. Does anyone have any suggestions of good questions to ask of these audiences please?
 •  Australian Red Cross Lifeblood  •   2019-06-21 01:28:00
Here are a couple that I just quickly came up with:

1. Can you recall the last time that you engaged with our team. Was it;
a) In the past 7 days
b) In the past 4 weeks
c) In the past 3-6 months
d) More than 12 months ago
c) Who is this?

2. When you engaged with our team, did you know the name of the person you were contacting?
a) No, I had to look someone up using either the contract, website, intranet, LinkedIn
b) Vaguely, I have spoken to a few different people in the course of business
c) Yes, I have regular communications with a consistent point of contact
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