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sussex university
2019-08-02 11:41:07

Establishing Contract Management within a Digital Team: consolidation, asset management, systems

Does anyone have experience of establishing a contract management framework in a digital team? I am mulling over which risks/areas to prioritise first (Asset Management Tool v Contract Management Tool).
 •  Wilverley Consultancy Ltd.  •   2019-08-03 15:13:51
Both of these areas will need addressing on the journey. My advice would be to follow the money, that is to say do the thing that will be most impactful on the bottom line first based on the current issues and risks that you are aware of. Rather than seek perfection take addressable areas and tackle them one by one. Start with a pilot, adapt to include the learnings and then extend the scope and repeat.
 •  sussex university  •   2019-08-06 10:38:20
Thank you David. This is good advice. There is a significant saving to be made on the asset management side. I have started to look at a Proof of Concept offering, with SNOW (Asset Management Tool). Using the output to justify a licence for an AMT, with requirements to integrate to a CM System. I am finding managing the internal IT resource challenging, in terms of getting a final answer on our position (lots of conflicting 'tech speak'), which itself justifies the need for the Report, and to bring in a SAM specialist(to have the final say/be out trusted voice of reason).
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