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sussex university
2019-08-15 09:05:18

Telecoms relationships - moving to Cloud / getting the most our of hosting partners

Does anyone have experience of Contract Planning re hosting agreements/telecoms partners/moving to cloud? It would be great to form a bit of a support group/knowledge share around this kind of thing
 •  World Commerce & Contracting  •   2019-08-15 21:25:58
Hi Pippa. I look forward to seeing what our members can provide to you. When you get to negotiating the agreement, please have a look in the Resource Library / Recent Research for 'contracting as-a-service'. This IACCM research indicates what is typically standard (and non- negotiable) and what can vary in different situations.
 •  sussex university  •   2019-08-28 09:35:17
Thank you Bruce!
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