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Nokia Networks
2019-08-21 18:39:27

reasonable day rates for freelance Contract Mgr in Germany

Hi all,
I am in discussion with a small (20 Persons) and highly specialized, high tech start-up (Management-buy-out) a Telco-offspin active in the aerospace industry. We talk about a part-time engagement, max 5-10h per week
what is the bandwith of reasonable hourly rates / day rates for an experienced Contract Mgr in Germany? any idea, hint, own experience in other fields?

would appreciate to hear what you think.
 •  sussex university  •   2019-08-28 09:40:05
In the UK, varies by location in the country. Outside of London 350 for CM practitioner, to 600 in the city.
 •  Nokia Networks  •   2019-08-28 13:15:03
Hi Pippa, thank you for your response. just for clarity: we talk about 350 GBP per day (~8h), 600 GBP per day in London?
to me, this seems rather low. is this adminstrational work? I mean, no negotiation responsibility. no conceptional work?
 •  Ministry of Defence  •   2019-10-04 08:39:54
There is an old saying about paying low salaries.

Maybe treat this like any other requirement and make it a competition to drive out the best available market rates. I suggest the big consultancy companies are likely to be higher than £600 a day. it could easily be triple this amount.

Get a tender out, and open it to smaller companies or individuals?

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