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2019-08-24 21:03:55

How to present multiple contracts review

Hi. I need to provide a commercial strategy for a data center exit. It involves hundreds of contacts and about 40 vendors. Does anyone have any experience in this to let me know the best way to present the information in an easy to absorb way? Anyone have a template/ dashboards/ PowerPoint that they could share as a base?
 •   2019-09-03 21:20:35
Are the contracts customer contract? Perhaps it may be useful to present the contracts based on the unexpired residue of the term left and whether or not the consent of the customer is required (for assignment). Are the contracts being assigned to a third party? Will the customer have to consent to the assignment?
If you are terminating the contract, you may need to look at the requirements under the term of the contract that will allow you to terminate without liability.
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