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Pretorius Consulting
2019-09-18 17:50:21

Pricing Article Changes

Does anyone actually price changes to the Articles of the contract? For example, changing the venue for arbitration (5% of the contract value) or the change order process (30% of the contract value). Any feedback related to this is appreciated.
 •  Air Liquide  •   2019-09-19 05:18:40
I never saw such clauses
 •  Advokatfirmaet Negota AS  •   2019-11-29 09:30:06
Dear Carrie, I have experience from pricing changes both during the negotiation process and during the contract lifecycle. Our clients have especially found this as an effective tool during negotiations to demonstrate risk/work-impact if the other party is requesting terms transferring an extensive part of the risk/work to them. By showing the cost-impact, the incentive for price increase becomes rather obvious which strengthens your negotiation position. Kind regards, Madeleine Willyams - Advokatfirmaet Negota AS, Norway.
 •  Seplat Petroleum Development Company Plc  •   2020-03-30 21:35:12
1) This is novel to me. Reading your post, your organisation is on the supply side. If I am right, I work for an organisation on the buying side and will want to know how this can be of benefit for one on the buying side.

2) Is it possible to see a sample of just one of such clauses, to see how it was drafted?
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