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2019-09-22 10:42:18

Resource Planning Tool for Contracts Teams

Currently reviewing the different techniques of developing a contracts team resourcing plan that caters for number of contracts, the complexity of contracts, budget allocation per position. Looking to utilise an automated tool if possible. If anyone has any examples would appreciate heads up. Thank you.
 •  SirionLabs  •   2019-12-06 07:22:48
Hi Charlie,
The below tool gives contract management solution with capability to assign respective stakeholders as owners.

Details below:
Organization - Sirion Labs - www.sirionlabs.com
Most Innovative truly digital CLM tool that provides insight driven granular Contract Authoring, Managing Commercial and legal aspects of the obligations, Provides trends powered with BI, Assists in Change variations, Helps develop a Price Book, Provides Financial Management support, Assures Efficiency and never ends

Contact Details - steeve.sebastian@sirionlabs.com
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