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PRS for Music
2019-10-28 12:12:30

Bench marking a service

Hi All

Is there any standard in terms of stakeholder satisfaction in IACCM contract Management?

We have sent out surveys (which our stakeholders had input into regard the questions they wanted to score us on) We have received some great feedback and suggestions for improvements. Whilst I think a satisfaction score of 81% is very good, I have nothing to compare it with.

I know all survey are different in terms of the questions, but to put this result into some context it would be good to understand if any work has been done on what good looks like in terms of satisfaction scores in other companies?

I would love to hear any views people are happy to share, as my Director would like to share these results with our board but unless we can put them into context in terms of best practice, they are just a score which doesn't tell the wider audience that much without the wider context!

Kind Regards

 •  World Commerce & Contracting  •   2019-10-28 12:57:44
Hi Jan,

Interesting question. I commend you on your efforts to assess CCM performance. As you say, to take your analysis further forward, you need to be able to compare against some form of industry or sector-wide benchmark. Within the IACCM, we have a deep set of benchmark data - collected over many years across multiple sectors. There are two major sources: 1) the IACCM Capability Maturity Assessment (which looks at organizational efficiency with objective insights into today's performance, comparisons to the outside world and a realistic assessment of the business impact); and 2) the Skills and Competency Assessment (which considers unique benchmarks that support organizational development.) IACCM offers a confidential and objective analysis of current performance and compares your results against industry norms and world-class standards.

Key to making use of these benchmarks is the consistent application of a robust question set. This is what allows the application of an apples-to-apples comparison. I'm not saying that you would need to repeat the survey you have conducted, but I think you may find that some repeat work is necessary though.

Please message me at pbranch@iaccm.com if you are interested in progressing this further. Paul
 •  PRS for Music  •   2019-10-31 15:12:16
Hi Paul

Thank you for responding and yes I would like to talk to you to understand what the IACCM can offer.

Kind Regards

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