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2019-12-31 20:34:58

Building Out the Procurement Function

Does anyone have advice or best practices for building out basic procurement operations? I am currently running a task force with finance, accounting, and legal to create processes, policies, and procedures for vendor transactions and contract processing. Anything from sample documents to useful technology would be great!
 •  Fire and Emergency NZ  •   2020-01-02 08:55:28
Hi Nicole - I'll give it a go, as it's not good to sometimes wee posts like this without replies.

For mine, it's great that you're working with finance and legal - too often legitimate partners like this seem to be ignored when thinking about procurement, and what it can do.

I guess my question for you is what do you see the procurement function in your organisation doing ? I ask because I think this thinking should dictate then your processes, systems and structures. You might see it simply as a person or team supporting finance processes and decisions made by the business. Alternatively, you might see them in the more strategic role that is often spoken discussed - leading the business along, being significant inputs into business strategy and driving partnerships with suppliers.

If you'd perhaps be able to make that a bit more explicit, then hopefully others will have made it a New Year's resolution to help out others and pass on anything relevant that they might have.
 •  Fire and Emergency NZ  •   2020-01-02 21:49:31
oops - not good to sometimes see not wee....although I am sure that I do have some Scottish blood in me somewhere...
 •  Isle of Man Government  •   2020-01-09 15:59:58
Hi Nicole,
First thing good luck, what an exciting time and opportunity, enjoy every brain racking moment !
Based upon experience I strongly suggest you spend your greatest time obtaining buy in from the major business stakeholders, by demonstrating the added value your function will bring and setting out the policy/ies with their involvement. You can have the sweetest processes and procedures in the world, but if business stakeholders haven't bought into what you're doing things will go nowhere and failure isn't an option. Equally I've found that if stakeholders have helped develop the policy, they're pretty relaxed about how you go about delivering the benefits.
One last thing; make sure you have all stakeholders engaged and in agreement, discord is your enemy.
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