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ATCO Electric
2020-01-10 21:52:47

KPI's for Contract Management

Has anyone been using KPI's for contract management especially during the project execution & service delivery stage. If someone can share their experience of effective KPI's they would have used from Owner's team perspective. Thanks
 •  Fire and Emergency NZ  •   2020-01-16 08:23:18
Hi Navdeep - look this forum is looking a bit devoid of advice, isn't it ? So here goes....
A few years ago, like you, I turned my mind to some KPI's in this area - these were purely time bound. We've ditched them now. For mine, it sent the wrong message that the outcome we were looking for was efficiency. Sure, it's important to be timely, but what is more important is getting the right outcome for the business - and sometimes being focussed on timeliness can run contrary to that focus. Instead, we have an automated email that we're now piloting that is sent 3 months after contracting to an end user representative asking them how things went and how they're going.
Will it be a better measure ? Who knows. It's certainly different to what some others with a different focus have used. But for us, it fits with our philosophy of first and foremost getting the right outcome.
I hope this helps to start some good discussion in this post.
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