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Simoons & Company
2020-01-14 09:02:37

2020 Challenges in Partnerships

A survey among alliances & partnerships professionals in Europe and Asia resulted in 5 themes that these professionals see as their main challenges in their work for 2020. Except for the specific outside circumstances most of these themes are not new in 2020, yet appear to be continuing challenges in our profession. Some of the challenges the respondents see can be handled by a solid governance structure most by rigorous alliance management.

A short article about the preliminary findings can be read here: www.petersimoons.com/2020/01/2020-challenges-in-alliances-partnerships/
 •  Fire and Emergency NZ  •   2020-01-16 08:34:47
Hi Peter - I think this is a useful survey to capture the views of people. From across the other side of the world, the two that resonate significantly with me are very similar to this list, with I think defining value right near the top.

I think the easiest thing for people to measure their success used to be cost reduction. But I think that mindset is a long way from the current movement of being strategic, and running perhaps even against the push towards social or environmental outcomes.

Without an easy measure, from my perspective, the best way to measure success is the feedback from your end users which includes suppliers. Did they understand the process, did it work for them, and post contracting, are they happy ? Sure, it gives people less ability to compare across organisations, but I think it's that competition, rather than co-operation, that sometimes stops us from achieving better outcomes.
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