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Wilverley Consultancy Ltd.
2020-01-25 13:00:29

Masters Research - ITO in Financial Services - is it so different?

Please can I request your help, as part of my Master's Degree in Strategic Procurement, I am researching the topic of 'Exploration of large scale Information Technology Outsourcing in Financial Services: Is it so different from other industries to make a research distinction worthwhile?'

I would be interested to understand from anyone who has a view as to if Financial Services is so different when it comes to these transactions and why?

All views appreciated including from other industries/supplier/buyer.

Thank you
 •  IACCM  •   2020-01-29 00:20:58
Hi David. Thanks for your question. I have done many large scale IT outsourcing projects, as the commercial lead, with FS firms as well as firms in other industries. I can provide you my background but I very recently completed a $200m core banking deal and years ago spent 4 years in NYC on a $7B IBM / JPMC deal, plus doing large deals at UBS in between. BFSI has always been the largest consumer of IT and many banks are essentially technology firms. Anyway, with regulatory constraints, impacts of fintech, etc., I think there are some unique considerations; but, then again, many industries will have unique considerations. let me know if you want to discuss on a call. also, connect with me on Linked In. Ted Botzum
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