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2020-02-02 09:42:48

SLAs/KPIs in Consulting contracts

Dear all, do you have experience/ideas/proposals which SLAs/KPIs would fit to Consulting contracts (beside time, cost and quality related ones)? Thanks, best Uwe
 •  World Commerce & Contracting  •   2020-02-03 16:50:23
Hi Uwe, a couple you might want to consider depending on the situation (e.g., are consultants performing in staff aug role or doing true short-term consulting projects) might be: 1.) retention of key personnel; 2.) attrition / turnover; 3.) onboarding time (much of this is client-dependent); 4.) required training required before billing starts.
 •  SimCorp A/S  •   2020-02-22 13:52:58
You can also add customer escalations for individual performance issues. If the consulting project has delivery responsibility at end of project on T&M, then SLA can be that vendor's actual efforts deviation should not be more than 10% of the initial estimations. Or similar others on performance or outcome based.
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