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2020-02-09 09:11:49

Force Majeure due to Coronavirus

Can coronavirus considered as a force majeure in contract management ?
 •  Parker Hannifin Corporation, Aerospace Group  •   2020-02-13 22:43:22
I would say yes. This 'Act of God' is causing many companies to shut-down temporarily.
 •  GKN Aerospace  •   2020-02-18 13:29:30
Yes - in most cases it will be ( unless of course the contract excludes medical issues or similar)
 •  Norfolk County Council  •   2020-02-18 15:46:34
Might be worth considering what your response was to previous pandemic flu etc and treating similarly
 •  Capgemini  •   2020-02-20 20:32:38
yes, I considered a supervening fact, would be impossible to predict the existence and its effects when signing a Contract...
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