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BAE Systems (Canada) Inc.
2020-03-11 18:13:36

Actions my organization has implemented to lower the costs of a contract

My organization primarily deals with providing our customers with tangible products with the odd service contract we will receive.

We have implemented an overall terms and conditions for our tangible products that deals with lower complexity and lower value items. This has helped cut down hours spent on reviewing requirements and has allowed us to continue to provide our subcontractors RFP's in a more timely manner which has enabled us to exceed our KPI targets. If an item is more complex or of higher value the terms and conditions are reviewed to ensure they match the needs of this particular contract. We have implemented this with both our customers and our subcontractors.

When we acquire service contracts they are of a specific need from our customer. Those have specific terms and conditions that need to be applied depending on the requirements and complexity of the service.
 •  Fire and Emergency NZ  •   2020-03-14 09:28:27
Hi Emilee - that's an awesome outcome. Can I ask if you've got positive feedback from suppliers as well as internal stakeholders ? Also, given that you've achieved this, what's your next challenge - making the RFP process easier for them,, reverse auctions for your tangible products ?


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