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2020-03-11 22:52:55

Best efforts or best endeavours?

Does anyone know if there is a difference legally with using efforts or endeavours (English law) Thanks
 •  DACOTA Consulting  •   2020-05-14 15:42:49
I suggest that you read the document published by the world renowned Kenneth Adams, available at adamsdrafting.com/downloads/Best-Efforts-Practical-Lawyer.pdf
 •  DACOTA Consulting  •   2020-05-14 15:45:46
In addition, I would be very cautious when using the experession "best efforts" in a result-oriented or outcome-based environment. Why ? Simply because best efforts means different things for different people. So in a result-oriented or outcome-based environment I suggest to be clear and use the proper words uncluding outcome and result.
With best regards.
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