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2020-03-28 12:10:03


Would be interesting to see a research on how affected companies are adapting and changing in current situation.
Many new articles about how big companies supporting current situation, which is great. But in parallel we should also focus on building blueprints for small businesses how to adapt, transform if needed in order to survive.
For example in Hungary a small company called Meex turned their business portfolio in 48h from event organizing into food delivery. This has allowed them to both stay in the game and to keep their people.
 •  World Commerce & Contracting  •   2020-04-09 14:58:25
Thanks so much for your message and yes we are gathering lots of "good news" stories and as you say, examples of how organisations are demonstrating their agility and adaptability in times like this. Thank you for sharing the story of Meex - I will personally look this up and add it to the output that we are generating. We are indeed focusing on how IACCM supports small businesses more and more and I like your idea about a blueprint for agility. Thank you again and please do keep your ideas coming - they are much appreciated! Sally
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