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Victorian Rail Track (VicTrack)
2020-04-01 04:55:00

Contract Management Systems recently implemented in Melbourne, Australia

Keen to touch base with any other Contract Managers who have recently selected / implemented a contract management system in Melbourne.

At my workplace, one of the challenges has been convincing the executive about the value of a CMS and justifying the costs associated with implementing and running this.

How did you go about explaining and justifying the value proposition in your business case?

Are there any good, local suppliers that we should talk to about their CMS. We are currently considering Open Windows and PORTT, and currently use Zycus for our sourcing - so any feedback on these would be welcome to. I don't mind Nimblex either but corporate are not keen on it. At a recent IAACM member event, Gate Keeper was also mentioned.

Suggestions welcome!


 •  World Commerce & Contracting  •   2020-04-02 13:12:42
Hi Mark
Let me start with the value proposition. We are currently running a survey about this in the context of an organisation's ability to manage contracts in light of coronavirus. It is demonstrating the importance - and results will be available next week.

In terms of implementations in Melbourne, we will need to ask! I'll arrange for a question to be sent out.

And finally, have you tried the selection tool available on this site?It should provide you with a good shortlist to consider.
 •  World Commerce & Contracting  •   2020-04-02 22:16:25
Hi Mark, it will good to see the feedback from members and you can also enter your requirements into our independent register of contract management tools at www.iaccm.com/resources/contract-management-software/ This works like an RFI to match market capability to your requirements and will help to segment the tools into where they fit on the contract management lifecycle e.g. authoring Vs managing contracts.

It was good to see you at our last 'physical' member meeting on 5 March before COVID-19 turned us all 'virtual'. Please also call me on 0407 535835 if you want a chat about tools.
 •  Victorian School Building Authority  •   2020-09-05 22:55:24
Hi Mark,
I'm new to IACCM but not contracts and I have never had opportunity to utilise CMS, have always just had to do it myself, so I am very interested in following your progress. I am also in Melbourne and happy to catch up for a virtual coffee anytime!
Kind Regards
Natalie Attenborough
 •  Victorian Rail Track (VicTrack)  •   2020-09-09 08:01:27
Hi Natalie, I'm happy to share my progress to date, as slow and frustrating as it has been.

Feel free to drop me a line at mark.finnegan@victrack.com.au and we can set up a time to have virtual coffee.

Kind regards,
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