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Fire and Emergency NZ
2020-04-03 07:17:39

What I wished I could do during COVID19 lockdown

With some awesome discussion underway from Neal, Mark and the Global CEO of IACCM, Sally, I thought I'd continue this theme a little. Just a quick one that hopefully might generate ideas or solutions that could benefit ourselves, our teams or IACCM members.

So my request is that you complete the following sentence :

What I wish that I could do, or could have done during the lockdown is.......

Never ask a question without knowing the answer they say. So my answer is simple. Yesterday, one of my team, who is also a volunteer firefighter, took the initiative to put on his gear and offer himself up to a group of local kids for a video conference. It allowed a group of kids, currently on holiday, some time to learn. It also allowed a bunch of parents working from home, a short break from dual duties of working and supervising kids.

I think that was a great idea, and something that I wish I could have done during lockdown. Just a proud Dad moment, because he wasn't asked to, and just took the initiative himself.

I have pondered whether or not to offer a discussion on accountancy myself, but I'd imagine it would only cause children to sleep. And sadly I only have a limited ability to make balloon animals, and no balloons....

Over to you group.
 •  World Commerce & Contracting  •   2020-05-05 13:33:55
Hi Darren, for the last few weeks I have been reading bedtime stories to'the children of IACCM' (though given time differences, it is a funny bedtime for some). It happens three times a week and they keep turning up .... I'm also an accountant by background - so maybe that is what makes it effective!!!
 •   2020-05-29 10:56:04
I wish I could better balance my work life and home life, there have been a few too many midnight finishes of late!
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