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2020-04-07 01:47:23

Manufacturing capacity

Where will the extra manufacturing capacity come from to make goods to combat Covid 2019?
 •  Fire and Emergency NZ  •   2020-04-14 09:00:25
Hi - great question - and perhaps if I reply with a perspective from New Zealand.

I think that the leading company see opportunities where demand is no longer the lowest price or most recent tender - but on availability and quality within a short space of time - and often local ! There are good examples of firms here changing up their business models - making masks and other protective gear - when their tools and workers would otherwise be idle as a business that is not deemed essential, and can't therefore operate.

Some others seem happy to wait it out, but it's fair to say that early signs are that the landscape for both work and production within the economy will change post COVID. Even from a work point of view, many are going to question why they need to come into an office each day to do their work.
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