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2020-04-24 03:33:03

Launch of IACCM Modern Slavery Network

We are pleased to announce the launch of the IACCM Modern Slavery Network discussion group.
What information or resources would you like to see on this site.
 •  Fire and Emergency NZ  •   2020-05-02 10:00:37
Hi Jennifer - we can't leave you hanging here when you're looking to help us out with some great material !

I think it would be great to see an example of one of the processes that someone has been through. Fire and Rescue NSW in Australia I understand looked at the process for a supplier, and went not just from tracking the supplier through holding companies, but also looking at the materials and places of manufacture of the garments and fabric themselves.

It was a real eye opener for myself and many in the room at the meeting, and stories like this help open up our eyes to just how wide we need to look when thinking about slavery in the supply chain.
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