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Schneider Electric
2020-05-14 08:22:37

Principles of Negotiating

I recently completed an Advanced Masterclass over a 3 day period on Advanced Negotiating Skills with a global expert, Looking back on my notes and comparing to the above concise article covering the basics of negotiating and some of the fundamental principles and negotiating tactics they are very much aligned. The above basically summarises neatly the learnings from the masterclass- well summarised! the only extra achieved in myu opinion was the Role Plays to demonstrate and improve tactics.
 •  World Commerce & Contracting  •   2020-05-18 11:30:53
Hi Padraic, thanks for your post and certainly we agree that good negotiation skills are needed now more than ever. I am not sure whether you have had the chance to look at our Managing Contracts Virtually program and the webinars that we have produced on Virtual Negotiations. Links are here for your reference. Many thanks! Sally



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