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Rock Central, LLC
2020-05-20 13:41:10

maintenance fees for fleet of printers

Our company has a fleet of 1800 printers and are in the middle of negotiating a maintenance contract. Wondering if anyone can help me benchmark an annual fee. We are being quoted an annual fee of $250k.
 •  World Commerce & Contracting  •   2020-05-20 13:52:50
Hi Michael,

I suppose that a little more around the type of printers, and what maintenance means, that would be helpful. Because if they are all simple desk printers that cost $75 new, then the cost of maintaining them is twice the cost of replacing them all.

Does the maintenance contract include ink? That will change the value as well.
 •  Rock Central, LLC  •   2020-05-20 14:00:21
its a mix of 500 MFDs, 1000 high volume table top printers, and about 300 desktop printer. This does not include what we pay for mono and color clicks.
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