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KEO International Consultants
2020-05-26 13:02:59

Negotiation effectiveness

What are the fundamentals and effective tools to be taken into consideration before negotiation meetings. Please share negotiation cases initiated from both parties. Individual cases. - Thank you.
 •  World Commerce & Contracting  •   2020-05-26 13:29:38
Hi Mohammed,

Great question. You have certainly come to the right place for some expert advice. I hope others jump in as well. You can find an array of resources at your fingertips (including case studies).. if you go into the resource library (Resources > Resource Library) and search by category = Negotiation. I would particularly recommend:

IACCM Dubai Member Meeting April 2019 Presentations
Ask The Expert: Negotiating and Contracting in the Middle East
The Power of Intent Workshop - IACCM APAC Conference 2019
Do Procurement practices cause dishonesty?
Negotiating in a time of coronavirus
In Negotiations, Givers Are Smarter Than Takers

In addition, you may wish to consider our new Managing Contracts Virtually training program (which is currently included as a member benefit) .. Training > Managing Contracts Virtually.

If you need help accessing any of these materials, please contact me at info@iaccm.com.

Regards, Paul
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