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BC Hydro
2020-05-28 19:38:24

Pricing Trends for major equipment and engineering services

Is there any research available here on pricing trends for major equipment, related transport and engineering? If someone could point me to a report or reliable source it would be greatly appreciated
 •  World Commerce & Contracting  •   2020-05-29 15:57:06
Hi Steve, thank you for your question. Pricing trends for major equipment are not something we specialize in unfortunately and in the current circumstances, the answer would, I believe, vary enormously depending on the nature, type, and location of the acquisition.
 •  GMR Energy LImited  •   2020-06-18 14:24:19
Believe there is no ready made global data base as of now. Each countries Govt. publishes data on whole sale price index/producer price index/purchasers price index( nomenclature varies) on each and every category of product including machinery, equipment etc. year on year and month on month. These data is generally publicly available and can be accessed and down loaded.

For example - there is Bureau of Labour Statistics in USA which pubishes all such data for the products manufactured in USA. In India its published in a bulletin every month by the central bank i.e Reserve Bank of India
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