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2020-06-04 22:31:40

Unlimited liability for data breach

Hi All- Looking for some help in drafting liability clause from Service Provider's side. We are in process of renewing a contract, wherein we have an unlimited Liability for data/confidentiality breach. Customer is not open on capping the liability. Can anyone share what all safeguards should be included while drafting unlimited liability for from Service Provider's/ Vendor prospective. Thanks!!!
 •  World Commerce & Contracting  •   2020-06-05 05:53:04
I suggest you start by reviewing the relevant Contracting Principle which you'll find at www.iaccm.com/resources/contracting-principles/

These principles are the result of cross-industry, buy side and Sell side reviews and therefore represent market norms. You can use these with your customer to explain that unlimited liability is not market practice.
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