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2020-06-22 04:48:44

Is IACCM professionals in demand in Australia?


I have moved to Australia (Sydney) and I haven't seen any job related to Commercial Management (Apart from Construction industry) or any job where IACCM is required as a qualification. Is IACCM professional in demand in Australia or IACCM is only suitable for UK companies.

Moreover I am looking for job and I would really appreciate if anyone can guide/help me. I am open for any position.
 •  IACCM  •   2020-06-22 07:07:24
Dear Anonymous, Yes IACCM has a strong and growing membership in Australia - it's our third largest country in the world by membership representation. Beyond construction you will find opportunities and IACCM certification requirements in industries such as Public Sector, Aerospace and Defence, Utilities, Mining, Banking and Financial Services and IT & Telecommunications. As a Member of IACCM you will also be able to post your resume on the IACCM Jobs Board www.iaccm.com/contract-management-jobs/. If you would like to speak to one of the IACCM Representatives in Australia then please let us have your contact details and we will be able to help you further or you can contact the Australia office via this link www.iaccm.com/contact/. Wishing you every success in your search.
 •  IACCM  •   2020-06-26 23:14:56
Dear anonymous - here in Australia the roles are more offered described as 'contract management' or 'procurement' than 'commercial' (although IACCM is on a mission to help people see this broader role).
 •   2020-06-29 10:18:07
Thanks Sally Guyer and Bruce Everett for your reply.

I will definitely get in touch with IACCM representative here in Australia. :)
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