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2020-06-22 06:20:59

What books on Negotiation have your found useful?

I studied Getting to YES by Roger Fisher and William L. Ury when doing my Master's - time for an update.
What have you found useful recently?

Here is a list compiled by Keld Jensen, Author of Honest Negotiation.
- Negotiation Genius - Deepak Malhotra, Max H. Bazerman
- CHEAP, the real cost of living in Low Price Low Wage World - David Bosshart
- The Real Trump Deal - Marty Latz
- Beyond Reason - Roger Fisher and Daniel Shapiro
- Truth and Lies - Mark Bowden and Tracy Thomson

(see LinkedIn Post www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6680714023589302272/)
 •  2S2F Transformations  •   2020-06-23 13:36:14
I thought Getting Past No was very good as well as Getting to Yes.
All the best
 •  Vaisala Inc.  •   2020-06-24 15:37:12
Balkan Odyssey by David Owen. Terrific example of failed negotiation, which we can learn from as well.
 •  World Commerce & Contracting  •   2020-06-26 23:12:31
Jennifer - The Magic Pudding by Norman Lindsay is always a good one for relationships and negotiation. For example, when Bunyip Bluegum met Bill Barnacle and Sam Sawnoff eating from the Magic Pudding and asked 'Pardon me,' he said, raising his hat, 'but am I right in
supposing that this is a steak-and-kidney pudding?' 'At present it is,' said Bill Barnacle. 'It smells delightful,' said Bunyip Bluegum...Bunyip Bluegum was too much of a gentleman to invite himself to lunch, but he said carelessly, 'Am I right in supposing that there are onions in this pudding?' Before Bill could reply, a thick, angry voice came out of the pudding, saying-
'Onions, bunions, corns and crabs,
Whiskers, wheels and hansom cabs,
Beef and bottles, beer and bones,
Give him a feed and end his groans.'
'Albert, Albert,' said Bill to the Puddin', 'where's your manners?' 'Where's yours?' said the Puddin' rudely, 'guzzling away there, and never so much as offering this stranger a slice.' 'There you are,' said Bill. 'There's nothing this Puddin' enjoys more than offering slices of himself to strangers.'
'How very polite of him,' said Bunyip, but the Puddin' replied loudly- 'Politeness be sugared, politeness be hanged, Politeness be jumbled and tumbled and banged. It's simply a matter of putting on pace. Politeness has nothing to do with the case.' Negotiation is equally about how we share the pudding and generating pace in pursuit of our objectives, and never just about politeness.
 •  Scenario  •   2020-07-28 09:14:10
I recommend this book:
Getting More: How to Negotiate to Achieve Your Goals in the Real World
by Stuart Diamond
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