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2020-08-24 14:37:36

Hybrid RFI & RFP

Hi Colleagues,

I trust that you are all safe and well.

The leadership of the organisation that I work for is adamant on running a combined RFI and RFP process, more specifically an RFI and RFP in on document. Is this possible and common practice the industry. I am relatively new in my role, however, this does not make sense to me. My understanding is that they are separate independent processes.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

 •  World Commerce & Contracting  •   2020-08-25 00:40:02
Hi Jason - typically the RFInformation precedes the RFProposal as a way of assessing market solutions and capabilities. The RFI may get a sense of 'ballpark' pricing but typically it focuses on solution features not pricing. The RFI also helps to refine the customers requirements by discovering what and who is 'out there'. This helps to develop a tighter RFP which seeks the best solution fit, commercial fit (including pricing and contract variations), and cultural or strategic fit.The 'sourcing' process of RFI, RFP, BAFO etc. is well covered in our CCM/Practitioner training at www.iaccm.com/training/contract-management/
 •  Private  •   2020-08-25 14:30:07
Hi Bruce,

Many thanks for your response, I appreciate it.

The organisation decided to go with some sort of hybrid model of an RFI and RFP. Simply, put the organisation is assessing a particular solution, however, they are also assessing the technical compliance of the solution as the same time and scoring respondents/tenderer's on that aspect. Also, that score will be used later when the "RFP" process starts. Personally, this process does not sit well with me. Is this common practice or a recipe for a disaster?

 •  Exyte Hargreaves  •   2020-08-26 09:11:57
Hi Jason,
I'd echo Bruce's point regarding separate RFI and RFP processes. Whilst a combined approach may initially seem efficient it more often than not can lead to confusion from the supply chain as to what is being required and also by the organisation as to what the market can offer, suppliers may also view the client as dis-organised with no clear directive and they may not wish to collaborate. In addition some suppliers may view a combined process as an attempt to unfairly benchmark ahead of any official RFP process. Although not a guaranteed "recipe for disaster" trying to join the two processes together requires close and careful management.

 •  Private  •   2020-08-26 09:14:49
Dear Richard,

Many thanks for your response! Valuable input.

 •  World Commerce & Contracting  •   2020-08-28 08:54:35
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