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2014-01-31 11:57:36

Babes at Work


This article shares an example of how one company built an employee-centric corporate culture by supporting a baby-friendly workforce.

How do you feel about permitting infants in the office?

 •  Woodward, Inc.  •   2014-02-06 14:50:23
I think it's a fabulous idea- especially in the US where maternity leave is paltry at best, and childcare costs are astronomical (in consideration of the lack of subsidies).  Many working mothers (and I'm sure some fathers) have an emotionally difficult time leaving their children and as a result, stress increases.  As stress increases, performance decreases.  In my opinion, ny accomodations that a company can make to allow parents to spend more time with their children will only produce better long-term results (i.e. happy staff = longer term employment/loyalty = more output).

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