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2014-02-12 05:56:58

CM role titles

Hi IACCM Community. What are contract/bid managers called in your organisation? Contract Manager/specialist/commercial manager? What other title would describe a drafting and negotiation focused mid-level role (pre-contract)? Thanks

 •  Seprio  •   2014-02-13 09:15:58
Our organization refers to the staff negotiating and writing the agreement as the Contract and Sourcing Consultant. This implies a higher degree of service and consultation than merely drafting something that someone else authors. As a result, the staff that hold these roles have higher expectations on them to provide such consultation to stakeholders.

 •  World Commerce & Contracting  •   2014-02-20 17:16:35
IACCM undertook research on this subject and identified the range of titles being used. If you contact Katerine Kawamoto (kkawamoto@iaccm.com), she can send you the report
 •  Woodward, Inc.  •   2014-02-21 10:25:53
Contract Specialist, Sr. Contract Specialist & Contract Manager- these titles are used at my current company (Energy/Aero Industry) and at my previous company (Financial Industry) for they type of role that you are describing.
 •  Eren Enerji Elektrik Uretim A.S.  •   2014-02-24 01:43:57
I established the commercial department in our organization of an energy company with a difficulty on determining the job titles. I recruit mostly industrial engineers like me and we are now 4 personnels. In my mind, I am planning to make the organization as "commercial and contracts director" at the head of the department, "commercial and contracts manager" just under the director. Under manager position, "commercial and contracts specialist" will come. At the bottom position I have a difficulty to specify the title. I think two options. One of them is "commercial and contracts professional" suitable in English but professional has same meaning with specialist in Turkish. "Commercial and Contracts Engineer" is the other option but I am not sure that "commercial engineer" is suitable. Could you give idea about this bottom position? What do you have in your organization? Thank you.
 •  SAP East Africa  •   2014-03-13 02:21:14
In my organization there are contract specialists who do the actual drafting and also Deal managers that manages the whole contracting process- who in most organization are referred to as contract managers
 •   2014-11-21 10:14:32
I've seen the following contract titles:
Global Contract Manager, Standards and Governance (strategic role)
Contract Manager (negotiator role)
Contract Specialist (drafting/redlining role)
Contract Administrator (tracking/reporting/database management role)

Typically, people in these roles have some sort of Legal and Business acumen to different degrees relating to contractual risks and contract language to address those risks.

Commodity Managers solely manage the commodity, project, pricing, supply chain and supplier relationship. They do not have legal experience.

To achieve successful contracts, both the Commodity Manager and the Contract role(s) need to collaborate closely and leverage each other's experience in the negotiation process.
 •  B+G&S Nigeria Limited  •   2014-12-18 12:22:25
In my organization we have a Contracts & Procurement Manager who oversees the activities of the department. We also have a Senior Contracts Engineer who reports to him. He also in-charge of reviewing contracts that have been drafted by the Contracts Administrator before their approval and release. He heads the negotiation team too which comprise himself and the Contractor Administrator. The Contracts Administrator has legal background while the Senior Contracts Engineer is an engineer by training.
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