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The Childrens Trust
2014-04-07 19:15:46

Social media and procurement

Do you know about experiences and recommendations for using social media for procurement in the public sector?
 •  World Commerce & Contracting  •   2014-04-08 08:35:27
This is an interesting question; we will circulate to the public sector community of interest and ask for input.
 •   2014-04-23 14:45:24
USA Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Scottish Government shared their experiences with IACCM:

DHS uses wiki as their social media vehicle. It is only used for pre-award activities and not post award contract communications. Some specifics:
• The wiki page will contain the entire history of an acquisition prior to award.
• Vendors can post questions or concerns on the wiki page.
• All communications for the acquisition will use the page but the government issues written communications as a follow-up as well.
• The page is centrally controlled by the acquisition program manager.
• Feedback from the vendor community is very positive.
• It is optional for use - not mandatory; currently being piloted.
• Platform was built by GSA for GWAC vehicles.
• DHS does not use linked in, twitter or Facebook.

DHS also blogs on their own IT platform (the DHS connect page) but this is at a much higher level - more for high level strategy and organization direction for their mission; not for specific acquisitions.

Response from the Scottish Government:

We use Twitter (@scotprocurement) to put out news, as well as our regular newsfeed and my monthly e-bulletin on the Scottish Government website www.scotland.gov.uk/Topics/Government/Procurement

The e-bulletin goes to just over 8000 subscribers, and we have just over 900 followers on Twitter, being regularly retweeted by linked organisations like the Supplier Development Programme. Feedback's pretty rare - the tweets tend to be announcements conveying information rather than seeking input, although we did use social media to encourage contributions to the consultation exercise on the Procurement Reform Bill. We don't know, though, how many of the consultation responses were as a result of the tweets. Within the Scottish Government, we use Yammer as a social media forum, although we've not yet developed a procurement section on that.
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