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2014-08-12 06:58:20

Contract Calendar

I been asked to compile a Contract Calendar, never having done this previously and rather than reinvent the wheel, does anyone have or now where I can find a good template?

Additionally, re there any points to note when completing this?
 •  TechnipFMC  •   2014-08-14 03:58:00
Is the intention of the calendar simple to identify critical dates (expiry, escalation, review) ? We find these functions are provided in eCRM (Salesforce)... the automated notification and tailored reports would likely satisfy the objective of a 'contract calendar'
 •  Computacenter  •   2014-08-14 09:52:23
Yes, but alas we do not have an eCRM at this time, hence my request.
 •  Robi Axiata Limited  •   2014-08-19 01:21:19
You can develop a basic contract management database with the below fields and create monthly contract calendar (contract going to be expired on next 3 months) and take decision based on that. May create a link with Procurement calendar.
 Sl. No.
 Ref. No.
 Previous Ref. No.
 Contract Type
 Procurement Unit
 Procurement Coordinator (Buyer)
 Technical Coordinator (User/ Owner)
 Legal Coordinator
 Department/ Division of Contract Owner
 Agreement Description/ Title
 Supplier/Other Party
 Supplier Contact Details
 Contract Value
 Effective/ Start Date
 Expiry/ End Date
 Contract Status
 Contract Execution/ Signing Date
 •  Computacenter  •   2014-08-19 01:40:30
 •  Vector Limited  •   2014-08-19 16:05:46
In addition to Farhad's list, you may add a comments section where you can take note of risks or important contractual obligations that contract owners/managers should be aware of. For example, there is a contract wherein the existing vendor is given the right to submit a proposal 3 or 6 months prior to expiry date before the company requiring the services engages with a new round of RFPs/RFIs to new suppliers. Other contracts may stipulate that both parties should confirm renewal at least 30 or 60 days prior to expiry date. There are also contracts which are non-negotiable and simply renew automatically on expiry date. These are critical information that need to be taken into account in order not to be taken by surprise at the last minute. Hope this gives you more insight.
 •  Computacenter  •   2014-08-20 01:42:12
It does, and thank you.
 •  Academy Sports + Outdoors  •   2014-09-25 14:33:40
If you do this in Excel, for example, you may find that this becomes an administrative burden. Be prepared to argue for funds to obtain a proper tool.
 •  Capgemini India  •   2014-11-03 05:25:03
A contract calendar's aim is to track key events and obligations, so you can ensure Contractual adherance. This can be done by usinga simple MS Excel spreadsheet. While you can track events in one tab, the obligations can be tracked in another tab. Weightage for risks of non-compliance can be alloted to each event and obligation and that would tell us the complete risk you carry if you do not adhere to the contract. It's a systematic way of ensuring Contract performance.
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