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Supply Advantage
2014-08-25 23:44:58

Examples of Collaborative Freight Agreements

I am currently going through the RFP process for National freight
(Australia) as well as International freight (SE-Asia)

I am reading some great literature on "Vested Outsourcing" by Kate Vitasek of UT and was wondering if any other members have put together a Vested/Collaborative Agreement they could share (desensitised is ok).

Any help greatly appreciated.
 •  IACCM  •   2014-08-27 09:25:11
Mark - the Australian Coomonwealth, through the Defense Materiel Organisation, has been leading a number of efforts in the area of Relational Contracting - which is gaining great uptake as a collaborative approach to contracting.

A key contract component in the Relational Contracting portfolio in known as the Relational Charter. The Charter enables the parties to focus on the key areas in a relationship such as communications, continuous improvement, problem solving, setting mutual objectives, etc.

If you are interested in speaking with some of those in DMO who are leading on these projects, we can certainly make an introduction.
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