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Saskatchewan Power Corporation
2014-10-09 14:02:22

Evaluation Criteria in RFPs

Can anyone recommend where I can find out more information (and/or training) on evaluation criteria in RFPs? What people are doing, best practices, examples, disclosing the weightings, etc.

 •  Forsythe and Long Engineering, Inc.  •   2014-10-13 08:14:53
Usually evaluations are broken into two separate categories which are technical and commercial. There are usually team members that are specialized in certain areas that will review the Proposal for different requirements. (ie. the contract specialist may review the commercial portion of the proposal such as pricing and breakdowns. The Engineering team may review the technical side to ensure the Contractor has quoted all items within spec and has also included all items.) Are your RFP's for Lump Sum, T&M or Unit prices?
 •  CGI  •   2014-10-14 02:26:29
It is hard to share a general answer for this topic. It depends very much of the type of work, country and sector the customer is operating in. In the Netherlands "Best Value Procurement" is growing at Public companies. In many books are the techniques and processes described. For software development the understanding of function point analysis might help to understand the scoring of building software. And further are most evaluation processes described in the RFP.
 •   2014-10-14 08:05:40
I agree with your two respondents. My experience, and we consider this to be a best practice, is to do the technical evaluation first, separate from the commercial. This allows an unbiased review without people thinking about price or the price of their favorite vendor. Technical normally involves components like: HSE/Safety, technical capability, capacity, experience, past performance/recommendations, plant load, and possibly the personnel and their individual experience offered up to the project.
If you use the technical to create a weighting then the commercial evaluation can be weighted by the technical to determine the winner. This means a less technically efficient company would need to have a substantially better price than a more technically efficient one.
Examples of this kind of weighting I believe are listed in the IACCM's large Contracts reference manual.
 •  Forsythe and Long Engineering, Inc.  •   2014-10-20 16:32:24
I also agree with the responses that have been provided in lieu of my initial response. I think it is a good practice to conduct the technical evaluation before the commercial. However, some of the technical evaluation can be conducted during the prequalification process. This may include capacity, safety, insurance, personnel, etc. If the contractor passes this stage and submits a proposal then the award may only be subject to technical requirements such as submitted equipment manufacturers, product types, and very project specific requirements. The commercial evaluation will remain the same.
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