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Saipem S.p.A
2014-10-23 00:14:51

What are the position?

Dear Friends, I am Ayyub from India, I am a Contracts Manager, I have a little Confusion about the Position in Contracts Department in Middle East or International.which position come below Contracts Manager.
1) Contracts Manager
2) Contracts Administrator
3) Contracts Engineer
4) Contracts Specialist
Please help me out the position listed Above in Series.
 •  BCS Global Networks Ltd.  •   2014-10-24 12:18:53
Hello Ayyub, I can only speak to how the titles you list up above are being used in North America, and only given my experience so far. Contracts Manager and Contracts Specialist are sometimes used by companies interchangeable, i.e. their job profile are quite often identical. The Contracts Administrator supports the Contracts Manager in his/her role and therefore is below Contracts Manager. I'm not familiar with the title Contracts Engineer and I have not seen this title or profile in job postings in the US and in Canada.

Hope this helps.
 •   2014-11-11 18:37:09
There is no hard written rules, but some are the tips and this is again based on your organisation size, business and structure;

Contracts Manager - Who processes exceptional skills and knowledge about various types of contracts, starting from pre-qualification of vendors, tender exercise, contract award, administration and contract close-outs, audit queries, and able to supervise, coach and advise the management and his staff, monitor good governance and compliances.

Contract Administrator - can be an assistant to contracts manager or post contract administrator, invoice processing, issuing call-off and variation orders, documentation, maintaining correspondences.

Contracts Engineer - ideally an engineer, who has exceptional skills to develop tendering and contracting activities and can negotiate, interpret the scope and changes, can develop pricing strategies and formulas, peer reviews, planning and costing knowledge as well as effectively interface with end-users etc and etc,

Contracts Specialist - can be a category specialist such as drilling, production and maintenance, vessel chartering etc and etc,
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