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Korean EPC
2014-10-24 23:38:04

Negotiating your Employment Contract

Thank you for reading my post.
I am a contract manager for a large oil powered construction project in Saudi Arabia. I am approaching the end of my third year and the project is looking to close out successfully. My contract is up for renewal at the end of the year and I have 1 month to consider my terms for re signing.

I have closed issues worth millions of dollars and saved the company a lot of additional work and prevented delay. This would not be in dispute and my evaluation from the PM is very good.

Currently I earn about 65,000 USD/year. I am an expat but get no expat benefits other than a flight home 1 time per year.

Since I work directly for the contractor I am the only non asian native English speaker (from UK). I have a strong grasp of Korean and am able to fluently communicate with the engineers to get to the root of the issue. This, I believe is my edge. I have an MBA but no real education on construction law or arbitration other than my 3 years of work experience.
My main duties are compiling claim issues and negotiating with the client and client's engineer. I have autonomy to handle issues by myself through the trust and respect I have earned with the PM. I have to spend lots of time at site in KSA which is not pleasant as I'm sure most of you know. Koreans only take 1 day off a week and their work hours are from 6am to 7pm.

I feel that I am now in a better position than I have ever been to request a serious upgrade to my contract. I recieve calls from agents regarding other jobs about once a month but none have offered me anything yet.

I am thinking of asking for 6 weeks at site then 1 month at the home office in Seoul. At site I would ask for an additional day off (1day for education and the 1 day weekend=2)for education (this is a benefit most managers recieve except me) and to pay for my online course in construction law and arbitration.

I would request a promotion from manager to senior manager. This comes with a slight pay increase but in Korean society the title gains you a lot more respect and therefore people are better willing to work with you to get the results and information you need on any issue.

My next project is set to be in Veitnam.

Any advice on what kind of package I should request? Please leave your comments.
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