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NBN Co Ltd
2014-12-24 16:24:42

Contract Manager KPIs

I am looking to formulate a set of KPIs for contract managers (procurement - IT sector. Would appreciaet any guidance or experience anyone on the community has had or coudl provide.
 •  Genpact  •   2014-12-30 02:56:49
Can you describe what goods/services are being procured? If I am reading your comment correctly, you are looking to draft KPIs for contract managers - i.e. the metrics that will be applicable for the client-customer facing contract manager?
 •  Hyland Software, Inc.  •   2014-12-30 08:39:26
Our contracting solution automatically sets due dates for any contract being processed. We measure our success rates on meeting the deadlines. We have setup KPIs that align to our corporate/department goals as well. For example: reducing turn around time on responding to redlines, reducing by 10% from 2013.
 •  World Commerce & Contracting  •   2014-12-30 11:01:51
This is an important and frequent question. IACCM is currently updating its data on the most commonly used KPIs as part of it's periodic benchmarking surveys. I suggest you may want to participate and gain access to the data these surveys provide. See www.surveymonkey.com/s/PerformanceMeasurement2014
 •  NBN Co Ltd  •   2014-12-31 15:58:38
The goods and services are IT (HW and SW) products, support and development services. And yes to the question of KPIs for measurement of the performance of contract/commercial managers in the client-customer facing role.
 •  Genpact  •   2015-01-02 02:19:14
To being with, I would suggest listing down the top priorities of your organization, pertinent to the contract being managed. For instance, KPIs based on time to procure, SOW/Work Order preparation/review, vendor selection, indicate that the organizations priorities are cycle time to contract. Several organizations have KPIs for contract managers based on cost saving YoY, percentage of managed spend over total spend, percentage of claims settled against vendors or clients (as a service provider. Our organization also has KPIs such as # of days a change control document (eg. Change Order, Amendment) is open, percentage of contracts uploaded in CLMS within x days after execution.

These are some general guidelines, trust this helps.
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